What is whitelist in GTA 5 RP?

What is whitelist in GTA 5 RP?

What is whitelist in GTA 5 RP?

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What is GTA RP whitelist? – How to Make and Be Approved

What is whitelist GTA? Answer: This is a list of emails, domains or IP addresses, previously approved and that, normally, are not submitted to the anti-spam filters configured on GTA RP‘s Servers.

What is whitelist server in GTA RP?

Whitelist servers are servers that require players to be whitelisted first are using custom assets and scripts, which contribute to a much more pleasant gameplay experience.

How do you join the whitelist on GTA 5?

1- First of all to make a whitelist you must know how to install FiveM GTA RP, after downloading FiveM the first thing you must do is choose a server that you like.

How do you join the whitelist on GTA 5? – What is whitelist in GTA 5 RP?

servers list (Image via Insane Highlights, YouTube)

2- After that click connect,

3- done this the server will get your id and check that your ip is not yet released then the message “FAILURE IN CONNECTION” will be displayed but do not worry is normal, Your ID and the invitation link discord will be presented, click on the invitation link of the Discord server to be invited and make the whitelist,
obs: if you still do not have discord installed on your pc see the tutorial: how to download and install Discord.

servers list (Image via Insane Highlights, YouTube)

What is whitelist in GTA 5 RP?

4- Click Login,

5- Look in the Lists in the upper right hand side for “Whitelist” most servers have an automatic whitelist made by a robot.

6- When you click on “Whitelist” the robot will ask you to type !Whiteslist to start the questions,

7- after typing and hitting enter a new tab will be created in the upper right corner,

8- the Robot will ask you to type “start” for the whitelist to begin,

9- After you start the first question will be what your ID is shown in the Game,

10- Go back to the Fivem on the screen that failed to connect and get your id,

11- After answering all the Questions a new message will arrive in the right corner of your screen with the result,

12- Ready, You were approved by the system now just connect again that your id and your ip will already be released! Good game.

What is whitelist in GTA 5 RP?

What are the common questions asked in a Whitelist?

SAFE-ZONE The Safe-Zones are: Concessionaire, Police Stations and Airport (Where we were born). It is extremely forbidden: -Running into a safe zone during an action. -Disputes with another player in a safe zone cannot have aggression on both sides.

POWERGAMING: Consists in you performing actions that are impossible to do in real life. Ex: Climbing mountains with racing vehicles or using ramps to jump.

METAGAMING: Consists in you using external means to obtain information within the game.

DARK RP: Is to practice an RP with heavy context, for example: torture, harassment, rape, etc..

RDM: When a player kills someone for no reason.

VDM: Use Vehicle to kill someone. It is totally forbidden to kill someone with the vehicle.

COMBAT LOGGING: Consists in you logging off an action or post action to benefit yourself. EX: You are escaping from the Military Police and crashed the car and saw that you can not escape more and disconnect or managed to escape and disconnect so they do not approach you.

LOVE LIFE: Value your own life as if it were unique.
after finishing wait a few seconds and a new tab will be created with the result. if approved just return to Fivem and click connect and the server will start loading and your ip will already be released and ready now just Play!

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What is whitelist in GTA 5 RP? – How do you join the whitelist on GTA 5?


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