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GTA 6 Vice City – new rumor resurfaces after publication

GTA 6 Vice City setting rumor resurfaces after Rockstar employee posts cryptic Instagram post

GTA 6 Vice City

GTA 6 Vice City – GTA 6’s setting has been heavily rumored to be Vice City in a modern setting (Image via Michael Di Lonardo fanart)

GTA 6 Vice City

GTA 6‘s setting has been “leaked” multiple times in the past, with numerous sources affirming that Vice City will be the next playground for Rockstar Games’ adventures.While all rumors must be taken with a grain of salt, this rumor, in particular, has gained more traction than others as different sources have posted findings that reinforce the same idea. The latest sign pointing to Vice City with the GTA community talking again is an Instagram post by Rockstar Games’ soundtrack manager.

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